Neon Mango Launches New Fan Engagement Platform Featuring Charlie Hunnam & More

Neon Mango, a company co-founded by Charlie Hunnam, Vijay Kumar, and Ryan Hurst, has officially launched and is now offering early access to a new style of fan engagement for a few “notables” (celebrities), with more to come in the future.

Currently, fans can order “graphs” from Hunnam, Emilio Rivera, and Chris Sullivan. The website also features Oscar Nunez marked “coming soon.” “Graphs”, what the company is referring to as the future of fan engagement, are customizable, cinematic, and digital autographs. Each graph features a moving portrait, a soundtrack, color, and a customizable message that is then digitally signed by hand by the selected notable.

Orders are open now from the above-mentioned on the Neon Mango website.

Neon Mango will also be present at next week’s FanX Salt Lake to promote the new business and autograph in person. Hunnam and Hurst will appear at the convention Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with Kumar joining Friday for a Neon Mango panel with Garrett Hedlund also joining for autographs on Friday and Saturday. There will also be a Neon Mango photo booth with more details to come.

Fans can find Neon Mango on social media or sign up for updates from the team here.